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Expo Stand Services is among the exhibition stand builders in Germany

We are one of the best and most important exhibition stand builders in Germany. With headquarters in Germany. Our services are based on the core values of transparency and credibility. We design and oversee exhibition stands throughout Europe.

How do we achieve the best results as stand builders in Germany?

With the experience and global clients, we have gained over two decades, we have expanded our core services, starting with a dedicated project manager, client consulting, designing exhibition stands and stand concepts, final stand fabrication, and finally, assembly and disassembly. Therefore, we can boldly commit to meeting your expectations of the exhibition booth builders in Germany or any other location you choose. With our eye-catching designs, in-depth knowledge, and experience, you can tell your story and prove your credibility.

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How do we fit into your criteria as a suitable exhibition booth builder in Germany?

  • To fulfill our commitment, we analyze to offer the most competitive prices while meeting your requirements based on the unique characteristics of the stand and venue and other information/updates required to complete the order.
  • We provide creative exhibition stands in multiple cities with full service at competitive prices. In addition, we ensure that you do not enter into any obligations on your part. Rate our suggestions to narrow down your needs. Everything is based on your choice and your perception. But our ultimate goal is and always will be to maximize your profits.
  • We handle the entire stand construction, dismantling, storage, and shipping. We offer European clients the opportunity to visit our showrooms and experience centers, where we provide international and overseas clients with a dedicated project manager.

In short, ESS takes you to the centre of your choices and stops at the corner of only one choice, the choice that enables your journey to showcase your idea or product profitably. Our services are fully based on corporate branding briefs and guidelines. We are the most enduring exhibition builder in Germany, providing 360° services for years, helping brands/companies to manage their perfect displays across Europe, with our core support coming from our office in Germany.

A spectrum of showcasing services as a top exhibition builder and contractor in Germany

We proudly say we’re an exhibition builder and contractor in Germany. We have built long-term relationships with clients who have used our services occasionally and have successfully cooperated with us in different parts of the world.

Why do we think you should consider us as your exhibition stand design company in Germany?

We are very pleased that we could meet our customers’ expectations while achieving our goal of connecting you with the best outcome in Europe and other parts of the world without problems. Our motto is to make your brand stand out from the sea of ​​generic displays. We are among the exhibition stand builders in Germany and other countries who can meet your needs and help you become the centre of attraction at the exhibition. We have years of experience in stand construction.

How do we work as your exhibition booth builders in Germany?

  • Our exhibition stand designs help increase visitor engagement and make the most of space. To organize a successful exhibition, our efficient site managers monitor the exhibition hall to avoid disturbances during the exhibition.
  • We are creative exhibition booth builders in Germany specializing in designing and constructing exhibition stands. As a leading exhibition stand supplier, we bring unmatched creativity and a passion for excellence. We live in a competitive world. That’s why we have to improve. Better for you means better for us. In addition, the efficiency of the on-site team makes the stand a complete success and eliminates the risk of slipping.
  • We meet deadlines conscientiously and keep our participants informed at every stage of stand construction. It includes, but is not limited to, 3-dimensional brand presentation, concepts, designs, productions, and assembling of exhibition stalls and installing interior fittings worldwide.
  • We listen to your needs and wishes. To allow us to guarantee our clients a highly efficient service, all our production facilities are under one roof, and our teams work closely with you.

Best exhibition builder in Germany at a realistic and competitive price

The in-depth knowledge and skill of our experts working with your stands ensure unrivalled delivery within the promised timeframe. We have been offering design services for unique exhibition stands for years. We will contact you. The exhibitor’s message and branding are powerfully communicated with a cleverly conceived custom stall design. If you have any questions, we will reply within 24 hours. Always. Our knowledge of the local conditions contributes to a smooth process.

We are used to creating unforgettable experiences for our brands

We are always available if you have any questions about our stand service. Transparency in our prices and transparency in what you can expect from us. Please look at our work portfolio to understand how thorough our work is!

Our ability to meet customer needs has made us one of amazing and leading exhibition stand builders in Germany. Contact us for your next exhibition stand; we are leading exhibition builder and contractor in Germany.




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